Sunday, July 15, 2012

bed hunting.

that's it, i've had enough! i'm on the search for a new bed, for real this time. the bed i currently sleep on is not cutting it, i'm sure it's a huge part of the reason i have a sore back most of the time. the frame is entirely nondescript, boring, black metal...given to me years ago by someone who was going to throw it away (thank you, but it's time to be a big girl and buy a proper bed). the mattress (i've heard it's all about the mattress, right?) is annncccciiiiennnnttttt; a hand-me-down from my boyfriend's parents, so let's say almost 30 years old. the time has come. a decision needs to be made...

i've always wanted an amazing old wrought iron bed, like the ones i grew up with:

or do i go simple, with no decorative frame or at least no foot board at all?:

furthermore, do i maintain my all white, multi-textured theme or go completely pattern & colour crazy?:

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