Friday, December 21, 2012

hair update!

so, a little over a week ago i posted my hair inspiration for my latest chop. it was a big one as i had my chest length hair hacked, then permed, then cut into a little messy bob. it looked like this:

it was pretty cute for a couple of days, but it really wasn't nearly as curly as i had asked for. to top that off, some pieces of the perm had completely fallen and were totally straight. it took a lot of work to get it boppy and fun every morning, plus it was bumming me out that i just didn't get what i asked for at all (i can achieve this above look with my own natural hair; i wanted an afro!). after much debate with myself, i decided one week later (yesterday) to get it all cropped and start anew. i brought in some images of jean seberg and michelle williams as references and i feel pretty good about it now!

et voilĂ , moi:

le sigh of relief. there are not a lot of ways to go from here, so i believe this case is closed until further notice.  

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