Monday, December 3, 2012

hair inspiration.6.

the time has come for my hair to get the chop...i have been growing it for at least three years now, aiming to have long, luscious beach hair- the kind i'm so often envious of when i have a short do. the truth of the matter is though, that a cropped cut looks much better on me and is actually easier for me to manage. before i do a pixie cut, i am going to get a perm (slated for next week) and short cut. the main inspiration is carrie bradshaw (a.k.a. sarah jessica parker in sex and the city) when she goes to atlantic city, but i have found a lot of similar styles i could be happy with.

my hair at the moment looks like this (though i know, i'm not uschi obermaier ;):

the look i want to achieve:

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