Saturday, January 22, 2011


speaking of haiti...i took a great course last year at cofa taught by the amazing dr. david mcneill.  the course was called 'outsider art' and we focused briefly on haitian folk art.  this was probably my favourite class we had that term- i loved learning about voodoo and juju and making connections to dr. john and all the myths and sequins!  david brought in his voodoo bottle which had a big pink heart on it and was bedazzled to the max with colourful sequins (of course).  the story goes that if you open a haitian voodoo bottle that it lets out all the bad voodoo within into the atmosphere and i suppose frightens demons away...they act as protective amulets or something.  it was pretty cool. the big ticket would be to have an authentic haitian voodoo flag- they are the most beautiful/tackiest works of all time. i hope to proudly display one of these in my home someday. dig the sea godess glittery goodness of them.

 above images via here
might like to have this book someday.  found here
so tacky, right?  i know- i love it. found here

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