Saturday, January 22, 2011

give a little bit...

there are so many crazy things going on in the world today.  the floods in queensland and victoria have hit the closest to home recently. it's been making me think about all the other great disasters in the past few years as well.  today, i donated to a few that mean something to me. i'm not a struggling uni student anymore(technically), so i don't have much of an excuse to not help out. i gave to the australian red cross flood relief and you can too- here.
then i was thinking about how my aunt is in haiti right now on a mission aid trip. i wanted to help too!  i donated to yele haiti. all the hoodoo voodoo of haitian folk art (which i love) reminded me of new orleans and the disaster there. i tried to donate to help with the aftermath of hurricane katrina at make it right, but for some reason my transaction would not go through. ugh. too bad it's not really 'the thought that counts' here. i will have to try again soon.

sculpture by eric dallimore found here

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