Monday, January 17, 2011

thanks, Sibella.

i had a great day yesterday.  it was hot and sweaty and exhausting, but also so fun and inspiring.  i took a couple of shots of the overflowing props table (they aren't the best as it was sunny, sunny, sunny!).  it was super cool to see all the trinkets that a stylist has on hand for a shoot (she must have an amazing storage space)- made me feel a lot better about the knick-knacks i keep around.  hopefully, i will have further opportunities to help her out in the future.  i feel like i learned so much yesterday!  for now, i'll be eagerly awaiting the release of her third book in november (and her second in may).  wow.

this was my favourite piece from yesterday.  it's a vintage french zinc planter and it totally reminds me of a sea anemone.  i'm also in love with that perfect green.

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