Friday, May 27, 2011

creative coupling.

though our extensive number of mutual friends dates back years and years, i have only met Gordon Ball once (a cottage weekend where i have a vivid memory of him, costa and simon doing a very heartfelt karaoke rendition of 'the weight' by the band- tellement entertaining) and Zyanna O'Connell i've yet to meet. in some ways though i feel like i know them because i have heard such wonderful things about them and have followed their blogs for forever. annnywayyy...they are an uber cool photograph snapping pair who just relocated from montreal (the best city in canada) to brooklyn (eep! i'm a sucker for moves like this) and get this...just got married(!) in a super low-key fashion(...even more of a sucker for stories like that).
gordie comes from a long line of respected photographers (check out this recent story on him) while zyanna has been taking photos since she was ten, but started shooting with an artistic focus a few years ago.

here's a spattering of images of theirs that i looovvvveee. i'm sure you will be blown away by all of the others, so check them out!


 don and emil(!) doing what they love to do best :)
i'm a huge fan of dave arnold (aka. mr. sign)- one of the funniest people i've ever met, ever, in the above and below images.

eye spy a costa ;)

i love this lovely and animated image of girlfriends by the pool in summer. so real.

and the cute are they??!

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