Sunday, May 15, 2011

seashells and sails :)

anybody wondering what we did with all of the beach ephemera we gathered last month? or were you curious at all to know what we were up to in this post? well, here are a couple of little special somethings my mom and i put together with found driftwood, some wire, jute and an ikea dishtowel. the one with the brightly coloured pseudo life preserver is actually a wooden baby toy, because this boat was a gift for a really good friend who is due in september. i still need to find the perfect spot to dock the other one at my place! aren't they sweet?

and with the seashells and some freshwater pearls, we made this:
i refer to it as my 'easy rider necklace' because it's my version of the one dennis hopper wears that i fell in love with when i saw that film. te gusta?

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