Thursday, May 24, 2012

natalia m.p

i'm not a huge 'coveteur' of jewellery. well, that is to say that i don't spend much thought or money on pieces ever. though i do have quite a beautiful and eclectic collection of costume jewellery, you know- just for fun. most bits have been found in thrift stores, on holiday or have been handmade by my mom (the jewellery making mermaid queen; has been since birth). today however, i am feeling rather desirous of any of these quirky, yet stunning treasures by australian jewellery/object designer natalia milosz-piekarska. i can't even decide which i would love to save my pennies for most.

these are a bit raw & the colours are so gorgeous:

these cat eyes are in my top picks:

simple, powerful engagement rings & wedding band:

i like the circle cut out one the best:

i think if i *had* to pick a favourite it would be these delicate stackable rings. i love how organic they are.  they remind me of little bits of nature or under the sea life.

ummm...sushi jewels??! yes, yes, yes...these are deliciously ridiculous and fun! 

these below aren't really my style, but are still super cute! they totally remind me of something my talented artist friend tiffany wollman would paint or make. no?

all from natalia m.p

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