Monday, May 28, 2012

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i got my second hand sewing machine fully serviced, ready for action:

i made some mexican inspired clutches:

a deep blue dye bath for some shibori projects:

somebody went to prince and brought me home a raaaasspberry beret. if it was warm *i wouldn't wear much more ;)

enjoying the sunshine in my new favourite sweater!!!:

hangin' with baby tom tom with the pom pom & his lush lashed mommy:

i was so busy prepping for the markets that i started to go a little cuckoo:

my market day:

my totem pole & vintage mexican tree of life (so happy i found this):

wearing a hand embroidered czech folk dress, my moccasins and my new favourite clutch:

the bougainvilleas this time of year are bloomin' beautiful:

rainy day, clear waters:

i liked the shadows this lamp was making:

and this one too:

i went to watch some elite gymnastics for the first time in years. Japan competed too!:

this necklace is the first of a few special ones i have made for my next market adventure. i will show you more this week:

i had a nap on the couch yesterday afternoon and sneakily got snapped:

window gazing on a clear day, but i've got a sore throat and sniffles:

i wore a tutu for my walk to the grocery store:

and picked up some sun-kissed oranges for a dose of vitamin c:

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