Sunday, May 6, 2012

super full moon.

i missed it!!! i missed the super full moon last night. nooooooo!!! well, let's say i missed ::seeing:: it, but i did certainly feel it. i've noticed that i can always tell when it's a full moon (or very close to it) when i am coaching little girls at the gym. there is just this uncanny energy swirling about, i'm on edge and all the girls are completely cuckoo. it's funny. i call it every. single. time. after saying that however, i wish i had had the foresight to look into the big black night sky last night and take in the biggest, brightest moon of the year. argh!  second bad choice of the weekend- the first being, not participating in the gararge sale trail. i thought i was being responsible by going to work and ensuring a set income for the day instead of joining the sale, but...turns out my good friend who i would have done it with, raked in 850 (!) annnnnnddd it was fun day in the sun. *need to get over this ASAP.

right...back to the super full moon; dig it:

find out more about this yearly phenomenon, here.

*this lament was a bit premature...i caught a great glimpse of the beautiful moon over the ocean just minutes after posting this.  phewf!

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