Monday, October 21, 2013

put a crown on it. 8.

the last in the spring flower crown series is a more outrageous take on the cherry blossom headpiece. these photos turned out as my absolute favourites and the shoot proved to be the most fun as well. you wouldn't believe how ridiculous you look and feel in the middle of a public park with branches stuck on your head as antlers; giddiness ensued. i'm so pleased they ended up as ethereal and magical as they did, considering how unromantic they seemed at the time.

Photography: Fiona Galbraith Crown & Styling: Nicole Valentine Don

This outtake is probably my fave of all the flower crowns, it really captures what a lovely time we were having taking magical little moments from our imaginations and bringing them to life; the joy of creating. See our floral crowns for winter, here.

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