Thursday, October 17, 2013

homemade: almond milk.

ice, cold almond milk is so refreshing and delicious. we make a litre every three days around here, so i thought that made us some sort of experts and that i should share with you how to make your own perfect drop.

what you need:
1 cup almonds
3 cups water
2-3 dates

what to do:
soak your almonds in enough water to cover them overnight.
drain this water and add fresh water to soak them again.
drain again after they have soaked and put almonds into blender.
add 3 cups fresh water and 2-3 dates for sweetness; blend.
once blended into a pulp, strain through a piece of muslin into a pot or bowl.
once thoroughly strained, refrigerate.

that's it!  *you could then save the almond meal to use as a flour substitute, but we have not had as much luck with this.

for some reason, i just love how we hang out the muslin on the back of the chair afterwards to dry. it reminds me of something my little grandma would have done.

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