Monday, October 7, 2013

shibori love.

i have spoken of my love affair with the japanese hand-dyeing tradition of shibori many a time before. also, i have mentioned the amazing duo (and my inspiration for delving into the craft in the first place) - pepa and karen of shiboriherehere & here.

their latest creative endeavours however, take the cake. shibori wallpaper?!!!  yes please!! 

deck your walls, here. Photos by: Luisa Brimble

i cannot decide whether i am more excited about their wallpaper or the collaboration with Sibella Court & McTavish Surfboards. how awesome would this beauty look down at the beach, surfing on indigo; even propped up on display at home or fins up on the roof rack on your car (ideally a kombi), driving around town? so, SO good and apparently there is another design on its way!

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