Friday, February 3, 2012

a shibori book!

my lovely friends and the lovely ladies behind the incredible hand-dyeing textile company shibori have a book coming out on April 30th!!! how exciting!! it is called Shibori Recreated and documents the ancient japanese tradition in the 21st century. the book features the likes of Akira IsogawaIndia FlintDonna KaranBre from Scout and Catalogue and many other unique artisans. you know it's gonna' be a goodie when the beautiful book making and stylist queen with the keen eye herself- Sibella Court- is doing the foreword. oooh!  i am so looking forward to this! and look (below)'s already been reviewed in adore home magazine.

until the release i'm going to be doing plenty more shibori-ing myself- yippee! i'm actually out the door right now to the shibori HQ ;) starting next week :)

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