Sunday, February 12, 2012

welling up.

have you seen the images from bleubird's incredible ranchero wedding? oof. it. looked. magicalllllll. these two images in particular brought actual tears to my eyes. oh, how i love the unmatched beauty of family. little moments like the ones captured here are what it's all about.

see?! this little lady is so moved by her mommy getting married, it's enough to make me cry too. did it get you as well?

and this is just adorable times a million!

check out the rest of the wedding here, the images are spectacular. it's definitely one to aspire to. wink ;)

reminded me of another amazing wedding that i was lucky enough to be a guest at...


  1. there is so much love and happiness in these photos it is amazing. thanks for posting the link!

  2. i KNOW!! it makes my heart feel so full...i just want to keep these photos at the top of my posts forever and ever. sigh.


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