Wednesday, January 30, 2013

dressing down dilemma.

i have a problem: i want to wear cute outfits more often, but a) i don't get out much and, b) when i do go out it's usually for work where i need to be physical and get dirty.  since as long as i can remember, as soon as i get in the door of my cozy home, i cannot get my bra off or put on sweatpants quickly enough. i just loooovvvvveeeee being comfortable, always have. i envy chic girl about town outfits on pinterest like it's my job, yet most often go to the jeans and t-shirt option when getting dressed myself. i have tons of beautiful clothes that i keep around for special occasions (i do it with underwear and jewellery too), but lately i've been thinking 'if not now, then when?'. i remember in high school i had a week where i planned new outfits for each day, trying to make the most of the clothes i already had; i got compliments galore ;) i think it's time to bust that same move again.

my pinterest
this is what i usually end up in:

i think these thoughts are partly stemming from having seen the Diana Vreeland film the other day. a wonderfully depicted story of an extraordinary woman, who put the fun in fashion. i'm MAD about her, just MAD about her!

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