Wednesday, January 9, 2013

it's been a looooooonnnngggg while since i have done an instagram post- not since our TRIP AROUND THE WORLD. here are the latest bits of life and beauty from around town over the holidays. follow me @little_nicki_

i always notice heart shapes in the world:

heidi from bespoke balloonery drew the cutest little portrait of me (before the chop):

i tried to make my home look christmassy, despite sydney being in full bloom:

there were many holiday festivities:

one was at my new favourite watering hole- shady pines:

i got so many cute treasures for christmas:

i enjoyed some downtime:

i started swimming lessons (not a bad place to learn):

enjoyed some simple things like zig-zags and chlorophyll water:


it was hard getting back to work; as if my mind and body were separate:

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