Wednesday, January 23, 2013

i heart paris.

lately, i have been thinking about paris. every. single. day. when you haven't been to paris before, you're always told by people who have that you will fall in love. i did. hard. how was i to know that their baguettes mixtes are actually SO delicious (and their coffee so bad), that the flea markets are entirely everything they're cracked up to be and more; full of more quality treasures then you could ever imagine in one place. coming from two relatively young countries (canada and australia), the antique items at these markets were properly ancient...i saw french linen pantaloons aplenty. the sights were spectacular, the museums awe-inspiring & world class (surprisingly my favourite was the centre pompidou), the people friendly and well-dressed-bien sûr!-the overcast, crispy atmosphere of fall was perfection and le smoking was of course somehow sexy and romantic in the setting. i would go back tomorrow if i could.  the whole time i was just thinking...'who wants to pay me to work and live here?'. or even just travel there a few times a year for buying at the markets. any takers? peut parler français ;)
*note: this should also involve a biannual buying trip to morocco where they speak french as well.

this was my version of paris:

my instagram photos told the story pretty well.  follow @little_nicki_

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