Tuesday, February 12, 2013

i heart san sebastian.

we were in basque country for the San Sebastian International Film Festival and for this the streets were all abuzz. the quaint seaside town reminded me a lot of any of the beach suburbs in Sydney- sun worshippers, lovers strolling and surfers everywhere. we had a ball in san sebastian, probably due to being a part of the festival and the awesome bunch of people we got to hang out with, but aside from this, you can eat yourself silly there. for a relatively small place, it holds the most michelin star restaurants per square metre in the entire world. the famous pintxos (basque tapas) line every bar morning, noon and night. we ate very well in this idyllic setting; amongst proud basque people who know how to party (we amusingly found ourselves at three heavy metal bars in one night- they might hold a record per square metre on those as well) lined by a gorgeous coast. i would go back here one day for sure.

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