Wednesday, June 18, 2014

my best friend's wedding; Tuscany.

All photos by: Aljosa Videtic your man for European destination wedding images; he captures all the candid moments.

one of my best friend's got engaged and then turned this super special, romantic Tuscan wedding around in less than 3 months! we had to take a funicular (so The Grand Budapest Hotel) up to Certaldo Alto an old medieval walled village just above Certaldo, near San Gimignano in Tuscany, Italy for the ceremony. the setting really could not have been more magical if you had 3 years to plan your wedding! highlights for me were seeing and laughing with old friends, learning how to make ravioli and tiramisu (which we made for the wedding dinner) and my stone fox bestie serenading her new husband on the ukelele at the end of the night- i sobbed! do only fools rush in? for a girl who only knew that she wanted purple hydrangeas, she came up with one pretty party- you have GOT to check out the photos to believe it. i promise, you won't help falling in love...

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