Monday, August 4, 2014

location scouting: Sydney's beaches.

yesterday, on what was a very brisk, but beautiful and sunny winter's day in Sydney, we went on a little trip around Sydney's Eastern Suburbs beaches to check out venues for a very special future project. i loved aspects of everywhere we visited, the more quaint in details, the better. the hands down, shiver inducing, showstopper for me was
Wylie's baths in Coogee. it was a little taste of San Remo, Italy in Sydney. i cannot believe i lived in Coogee for 2.5 years and never ONCE ventured down there. wow! there is no secret as to why it is heritage listed; every corner of it is maintained in all it's blue, yellow and timbered nostalgic glory. i'm so happy to have stumbled upon this beauty in my little sunday adventure at home.

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