Monday, July 16, 2012

working girl.

i watched working girl for the first time yesterday...although it did feel like i had seen it before, perhaps this was the first time from beginning to end. 
wow, what a full-blooded 80's extravaganza. from the booming, soulful gospel anthem in the opening credits to the outrageous costume design to the over the top makeup (joan cusack with eyelids brushed half green, half purple!) rounded off with the big, bigger and biggest, permed, teased, perfect 80's hair. i loved the film. what stole my heart the most from watching it though, was HOW MUCH it reminded me of my mom!! she was totally melanie griffith's character when i was growing up. seeing the nylons with the shoulder-padded business suits, the reeboks with the work outfit for the walk to the office (that was totally my mom!) and that huge leather jacket- it had to have been the inspiration for a strikingly similar purchase on a trip she made to new york in this era. wow, the pangs of nostalgia were strong- almost brought a tear to my eye for that. oh, how i love a feel good film.

and i almost forgot...'you want another answer, ask another girl'. best ever.

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