Monday, October 29, 2012

put a crown on it.

my pinterest board by this title 'put a crown on it' is my faaaaavourite to add to...i'm a goner for any sort of headgear; be it beret, turban, scarf, bowl of doesn't matter what (except for maybe meat a la lady gaga), i love it. whenever i'm travelling, i feel more inclined to experiment with les chapeaux. i thought i would share with you a compilation of the times i wore nifty noodle toppers on my recent world trip.


(this one is quite difficult to see- i'm wearing an blackish greeny hued ostrich feather headband above & below)

san sebastian:



tafilalt oasis; palms groves encompassing 50 kms of the moroccan desert :

the sahara:


  1. Beautiful! Should their need to be a vote for a favorite, the red flowers in Marrakech win mine! What lovely, lovely travels you had...

  2. ha! i would love there to be a vote- throw comments my way please! my winner would be the paper daisy garland in san sebastian, but it's a very close race. X


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