Monday, February 17, 2014

hangin' around this town. 2.

when i go home to Canada, one of my favourite places to visit is Regina, Saskatchewan; an artsy little cultural hub smack dab in the middle of the prairies. it's where most of my family is from, some of my favourite people live and also where i was born. it is home to some of the cutest, most unique houses, no little boxes made out of ticky tacky here- each one is different (at least in the cathedral area). you can tell that these homes are a source of pride to their owners as well, i always notice how cute their exteriors, porches and lawns are too. i posted about them, a couple of summers ago and have now captured some snaps in the snow. i even inadvertently snapped some of the same homes without even trying. you'll probably never go to Regina, so please enjoy this mini-tour thoroughly.

this is house i grew up in; i just had to photograph it next to another house to emphasise its adorable smallness.

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