Wednesday, February 5, 2014

home is where your mom is. 1.

i have shared my parents' house with you herehere here from my humble home series - the reason why i started this blog. it was so wonderful to spend such a perfect amount of time (i left when i was still wishing to stay longer; i think it's good to go out on top) at the home i know so well. it's also kind of special to have been able to document it in an extreme of seasons to last time, as well as all of the changes it has gone through; walls have been painted, rugs have been re-shuffled, objects have moved and most importantly, the kitchen and dining room have been entirely re-done. oh, and i will have to admit it as it's very obvious - my photography skills and this blog on the whole have come a loooonnnnggg way. welcome all, to where my heart is:

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