Monday, April 28, 2014

for the love of Rozelle.

the Rozelle markets have long been my favourite weekend haunt. the items in my house that get the most 'where'd you get that?'s are usually from Rozelle, same goes for my wardrobe. even when i was a poor uni student, i'd still find the odd saturday or sunday and a bit of cash to go treasure hunting here. it's on the must do list for my thrifty family visitors too. the selection of goodies is vast and very vintage; most of the sellers don't mind if you drive a hard bargain either. beyond the treasures, i just love the vibe…there is live music and yummy fresh juices and food. i love getting a corn on the cob and just taking my sweet time. i went this week for the first time in what feels like more than a year and i didn't come home with any of these below pictured treats (i only went for storage items), but looking can be just as fun! 

*it reminded me a bit of this favourite.

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