Thursday, April 10, 2014

making connections: game of thrones.

i just love making little discoveries with images on the internet or with photos i may have taken and somewhere down the track connecting them to memories i've had or noticing that i was subconsciously inspired by something i had seen earlier. this latest unearthing is oh so exciting and one of the best examples of the small thrill of happenstance in my recent history. ready?! when we were in Morocco in late 2012, we went on a trip into the Sahara desert and one of our first stops was to the Aït Benhaddou Kasbah (castle). there was a set being built in front of it at the time and i've only just realised after watching the last episode of Game of Thrones series 3 two days ago (just in time for the first instalment of season 4) that they were building the gate that all of Khaleesi's freed slaves walk through in the final epic moments of that last episode. ahhh!  i was so excited to have figured this out!

*i remember arriving here and my eyes welling up a bit. i felt so overwhelmed about how far away from home we'ed come (that everything is new, safe/unsafe feeling) and looking onto this gigantic real life sand castle, that didn't seem real at all. and there were freakin' camels in the distance and donkeys inside the kasbah. it was a very raw, very special moment.


the inside was filled with room upon room of discarded objects that were left in the castle by previous owners, all covered in desert dust.

getting my Khaleesi on; checking out the view.

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