Saturday, April 16, 2011

the time has come...

today is the day!  we're heading to the airport in just over an hour to go pick up my mom- hooray! i have so many plans (starting with the rozelle markets tomorrow- so good!) and creative projects for when she is here, that i will try and document as we go.

here is a small taste of everything i'd like us to do while i have a super, amazing, meticulous, innovative seamstress and handy-woman to collaborate with...

either of these branch pieces could be fun:

purchase this IKEA pendant lamp below:

or make something like one of these:

she's already picked me up some edging to make a garland inspired from this one:

 maybe make this carnivalesque paper marquee letter light?:

this diy braided hex nut bracelet is a goodie:

she's also said that this necklace would be easy to replicate:

1 comment:

  1. looks like your going to be putting momma straight to work. I like the branchy tree things tho


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