Sunday, October 2, 2011


remember my first attempt at shibori?? well, i've had a bit of a shibori filled long weekend actually. yesterday, i did some more experimenting of my own. and today, i met one of the ladies who originally inspired me!


unfortunately i didn't notice that one of the elastics had snapped until after i had submerged the fabric. i did have them evenly spaced out, but you can see that one is missing here and there is a gap. ugh.

 i made less of a mess the second time around:

the outcome of this shirt was slightly disappointing because you can see what happened from the missing elastic (the circular splotch). also, in retrospect i can see that i didn't resist the fabric tightly enough. i guess that's what i'm practicing for!

this little guy blue (ha!) me away...i love the crisp white lines. we have a winner!


here are some of the masterpieces that the girls of Shibori had on exhibit...

this one is done with authentic indigo is so vibrant!

i'm definitely a fan of the kites:

this blue panel looks a lot like how my bedspread turned out:

oh, and here's the original image that started it all for me. i saw this photo and decided i wanted a bedroom that looked like that too! the best are the gorgeous, lush, soft leather cushions they do...which i haven't delved into yet. Karen Davis and Pepa Martin of Shibori are amazing...



  1. Ah Nik! You went to the exhibition! How amazing was it?!?! Am LUSTING after shibori cowhide,.. xx

  2. yes! was beautiful, wasn't it? i'm a bit obsessed as well!!!

    p.s. did you ever get your cranes mademoiselle?? x


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