Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: year in review.

i can say hands down that 2012 was one of my BEST years yet. maybe it was because i got to see my family (minus Gray, sadface) twice in one year!!!! or perhaps it's because i had a such a successful year taking leaps and making bounds with work related ventures?! i cannot deny that seeing so many new corners of the globe probably had A LOT to do with it. for me, those are the highlights- visiting the new and the old, with my favourite people in the whole wide world (i think i saw every last one of you this year (except brandon)!!!???). 2013 has got a lot to live up to!!

here's my year in review; it started in freezing cold western canada:

then i ended up in mexico city with my beautiful cousin:

and reunited with a very dear amigo:

i hung out at home for awhile; which is definitely not so bad:
i kept my myself busy with work and an incredibly fun, challenging and inspiring class at NIDA:

i opened up my etsy shop:

we went to fiji for some relaxation and world-class snorkelling during the australian winter:
then the world holiday began first with a stop in vancouver to see my momma and little sister in the summertime, then onto the Toronto International Film Festival where my bf's film- Storm Surfers 3D screened a number of times (and won runner-up in the people's choice awards for best documentary!! i like to think that makes my director man the ben affleck of the documentaries because he (affleck) came a close second in his category too ;):
then paris, of course i fell for it. hard:
then san sebastian, spain for another massive screening. this place was a gem for sure:

onto barcelona:
morocco, i don't even know where to start. my story is here, but i've got more to add. stay tuned:

something about hong kong got me too:

i was also really proud of my work this year, especially my tree:

HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!  keep in touch in 2013 xo

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