Tuesday, January 15, 2013

oh, and another thing...!

i read this great article regarding the importance of deep-thinking and space for our creative minds to breathe. in our ever growing reliance on technology and our subsequent addiction to immediate gratification (i.e. 'likes' on facebook & instagram, etc.), this realm for new thoughts/ideas beyond our comfort zone is becoming obsolete. absorbing what i read has lead me to want to have one day a week that is technology free, kinda' like paul mccartney and meatless monday. i'm going to make it sundays for now (though i do find this a little tricky because i often Skype with my mom on the weekend, so we will see). so far i think giving up technological distractions for 52 days of the year sounds a whole lot easier than giving up coffee at. all.  :::sheepish grin:::

 READ IT, you too may be inspired.
*recommended to me, by bri of designlovefest

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