Monday, March 10, 2014

the making of my dream home: exterior.

so, i reached 10,000 followers on pinterest sometime last month and have been too busy to shout out a little 'yippee' for it and let you all know. i am constantly on there searching for inspiration (i find it really relaxing) and day dreaming about my future home…amongst other things i.e. awesome outfits, crafts for a rainy day, etc. i thought i would celebrate this mini milestone by building my dream home, pinterest style. let's start with the exterior. i'm thinking it will either end up being an awesome cabin style place with lots of wood…in the woods…or a creamy, colourful, old european style house somewhere along a cobblestone road. it might also be an old farmhouse somewhere or a converted barn. it will definitely be earthy, bohemian, cute and full of character.

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