Wednesday, March 2, 2011

more mailbox goodies!

look what i got as a surprise valentine's gift from my wonderful momma! this book is gorgeous! the author- Barbara Levine- is a long-time collector of antiques and artifacts. she is very interested in photo albums of families that are not hers and belongings that tell a story and mark certain histories in time. she stumbled upon a family in mexico who own a gallery annnnnnddddd...five pieces of luggage once belonging to Frida Kahlo. jackpot! this beautiful book chronicles her findings within each suitcase, trunk and what have you. the contents range from diaries, letters, sketches, stuffed humingbirds and more. it really is a special, special book- i'm in awe at the moment. can't wait to find the time to make Frida's 'cactus soup' or 'mango salad'- cool! the best part is that this book is written in spanish with the english translation below...maybe i can brush up on mi espanol?!

gracias mama!!  te quiero muchissimo xoxoxo

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