Thursday, March 31, 2011

yayoi kusama.

remember when i mentioned japanese artist Yayoi Kusama here and here? well, i thought i'd show you a bit more of her work and some of her pieces i own (of the dishtowel and paperweight variety...). she does pretty cool, kooky stuff. i studied Kusama a couple of years ago at uni and she's a very interesting character. she lives in an institution in tokyo (which in essence makes her an 'outsider artist') and travels to and from her studio everyday. polka-dots feature heavily in her work and are derived from the hallucinations she has suffered from since childhood.

the best is how in the 60's she move to nyc and would arrange 'happenings' all over the city, usually in protest against the vietnam war and often involving her being nude and embellished with flowers, sequins, polka-dots (of course) or what have you (total avant-garde, in-yo-face, hippie flower child, love it).

oh, anddddd...she's now in her 80's and still going strong. she just recently collaborated with Marc Jacobs- what a lady!

et voilĂ  my Kusama collection:

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