Thursday, March 24, 2011

1000 cranes for japan.

okay, so it's been sunny skies for two days now...i'm feeling much more optimistic about this sunday's weather. the forecast says 'clearing shower' which will be fine by me, because anything will be better than last sunday (i heard it was the worst day in 30 years or something?!). so, the 1000 paper cranes for japan fundraiser will be going ahead rain or shine. since we got rained out last weekend, i have been busily stringing groups of five cranes together and they look BeAuTiFuL! the colour/pattern combinations are endless! there has also been a bit more time to get the word out (we glammed up our sign a bit and replaced it at all the friendly local shops), which could turn out for the best.
on the day the cranes are going for 5 dollars for one, 3 for 10 and strings of five for 20. i will also have my needle and thread with me...if you want just one crane strung for your rearview mirror or something? at the end of the day it's about donations, so please, please come down, bring your friends and family and give generously to the Japanese Red Cross Society. can't wait to see you there!!!

p.s. the lovely Louise of table tonic and Jane of plain jane styling have already kindly donated and will be getting a gorgeous string each by the end of this week. thank you ladies for your support :)

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