Friday, March 18, 2011


one of the (many) bits of help we've received since tuesday has been this sign, kindly put together by a good friend. we now have it printed and put up at restaurants and cafes (of other good friends) around town. Thanks Everyone!!


  1. Just wanted to say hello and wish you a great day on Sunday. What a great thing to do. I also wanted to pass on this link to a lovely positive report from japan from
    - that eased my heart and hopefully will ease your's too. It's a first hand account from a teacher over there right now, explaining that there is no looting, everyone is very loving,friendly, warm and that despite everything around her, she can feel her heart opening very wide.It is comforting to read.
    Have a special day on Sunday,

  2. thank you for that sarah, i will check it out right now. one of my friends that lives over there wrote as his facebook status the other day that he 'is falling in love with japan all over again' and that made my heart melt. i'm sure it's because of the amazing community spirit over there and the respect they all have for one another and their country. just beautiful. i will post about our day tomorrow to let you know how it goes x


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